Over the years I’ve made games, written books, and have created art. Here are works I like to share with the world.

Listed in alphabetical order:

As a consultant

I’ve worked on a lot of games as a game design consultant for organizations and companies that either need help on their actual game or are curious about getting into the world of games. Not all projects I’ve consulted on are listed here due to non disclosure arrangements.

If you need help (or looking for more information), please feel free to get in touch!

Budget Buster

Advisor on educational game project for Home Suite Hope focused on creating a budgeting grocery shopping.


Did some initial and minor game design on the funny and delightful Maize. Yes, it’s the game with the teddy bear. Check out Maize here.

Huge Monster

Worked on one of the first RTS-esque games for Facebook (yup, before Clash of Clans). It’s the game pictured to the right that has a military looking base. You can read about it here.

codeofwar_base codeofwar_missiles


Green Heroes

What started as a TV series that looks at great people doing great things on behalf of the environment needed to grow into a more game-like experience. They were looking for ways to connect with viewers over mobile, plus wanted insights into how to use game-like mechanics in their call to action. More here.


Toronto Beer Quest – Along with Board Game Jam co-conspirator, David Fono, we plan an annual game as one of the challenges along the ever enjoyable event. Good beer and good fun!


Do You Believe Me? The Nightingale Company was looking into ways to engage young viewers and we came up with Do You Believe Me. It’s an ARG with a story about love and loss.