making board games at board game jam

Back in 2010 I created Board Game Jam (BGJ) with long-time collaborator David Fono. In the vein of other game jams BGJ had participants create a board game in only 48 hours from start to finish.

When we started board game jam table top gaming was a small part of gaming culture. We wanted to share our love of board games and making them with others by providing a space to do so. Snakes and Lattes was barely up and running, no other game jam in the city allowed board games, and table top gaming culture was small – but growing rapidly! Today, playing and making board games is now a common thing to see at game conventions and even other game jams. Multiple board game YouTube channels now exist and table top gaming conventions have ballooned in popularity. It might seem weird to us now but 2010 was a very different time.

I posted a lot about BGJ and you can read about the past jams.

Ran from 2010-2017.