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Good escape rooms are made by thinking of the player experience first. Escape the Game covers all aspects of creating your escape room from scratch. The book is meant to inspire designers to think holistically and to think about their escape rooms as more than the sum of their parts.

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If you are thinking of opening an escape game or are wondering what goes on behind-the-scenes at an escape game this book is for you.

Escape the Game addresses the most common questions that people have about designing, making, and running escape rooms.

In the book you will discover:

  • How to design for a fun play experience
  • Ways to make sure your escape room succeeds
  • How to create good puzzles and challenges
  • What business issues impact escape rooms
  • How to run your escape room

There are more than 2,600 real escape games in 60 countries with more opening every month. How will you make yours stand out?

Find out how you can stay on trend and make puzzles that really engage players!

Escape the Game examines ways that you can make puzzle and puzzle paths that will give players a positive experience. It will encourage you to think about the puzzles as they fit into team dynamics and how you should have a diversity of puzzles. By thinking critically about your escape room and designing it accordingly, you can increase the chances that players will want to return.

How will you make sure your escape room is profitable?

Get the inside scoop on what previous escape room owners wish they knew before they started.

Escape the Game goes beyond just examining design issues to cover the business issues which concern escape room creators. The book will get you thinking about all the costs that go into running a successful escape room. Getting people to come to your room is one challenge, ensuring that you make money from their visits is a whole other challenge.

Escape the Game cast of characters. Cast of characters in the book.

Stop making poor design decisions

The book exists due to so many poorly thought out escape rooms. Poor planning can lead to escape rooms that make major, but easily fixed, game design mistakes. Learn how about how to avoid making these critical errors.

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