Jam this Game started as a fun activity at Board Game Jam and has since grown into a “transmedia brand”. If you’re looking for a video game idea then you don’t need to look any further! Jam This Game is your source for project ideas to enhance your creativity.

The Book

book cover of jam this gameAt the start of 2022 I authored alongside Ashton Irving a collection of game ideas from the Twitter bot. The book Jam This Game is available now on Amazon

The book writing process incorporated a novel approach that I’m rather proud of. You can read about that approach and enjoy the foreward form the book on the announcement post about the project.

The Bot

jam this game twitter bot screenshot

This is the best way to engage with Jam This Game. Everyday a new idea / prompt gets generated, all you need to is follow the bot and all it’s ideas @Jam_This_Game.  

I decided to put a version of the video game idea generator on Twitter applying my previously learned Twitter bot skills.


The Game

The video game version of Jam This Game has been put on hold. As an app it was rejected by Apple and Google for not having enough usefulness since the content already exists on Twitter (I agree with the mega corporations on their rejection rationale). I had plans to make the app useful by adding functionality like saving game ideas, rating them, and other useful features; however, I doubt people would actually use the features so I think the game version worth putting more work into. Maybe I’ll change my mind in the future. You can read about the original 2016 version and my thoughts on it here: Game Design Improv.