Along with some clever puzzle designers I helped create a coast to coast real life adventure for the CBC TV series Murdoch Mysteries.

Originally playing out over six weeks in spring of 2015, it’s a steampunk-inspired mystery involving multiple gruesome murders, a 1902-era superweapon, British royalty in jeopardy, early 20th century biotechnology, stage magic, espionage, and betrayal. It combined video, photos, documents, letters, and other epistolary evidence punctuated with diabolical puzzles, cryptographic conundrums, and devious minigames that served to successively unlock more of the story. New chapters were revealed online each week, leading to live in-story participatory events in locations across Canada and over to London, England. Additional clues were revealed at each location, and fans then worked together online to solve the case.

The game is no longer live, although the content is still up.
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