Adam Clare

Hi, I’m Adam Clare and I make games in Toronto. I’m a Professor of Game Design at Sheridan College where I get to teach some smart people how to improve their practice. When I’m not teaching I create games at Wero Creative, and have written a book on escape rooms.

In multiple countries you can play escape games that I designed or consulted on. I make original escape room games for various clients including marketing and entrepreneurs looking to get into the business. Sometimes I consult with new escape room designers/owners to help them improve their game.

Some games that I’ve designed have won awards and my educational games have been presented at conferences around the world. Basically, I really enjoy making games.

Reality is a Game is my site where I try to share some knowledge and track all the cool projects I’ve worked on, plus other cool projects like my book on Pokemon Go.

I love to give talks at conferences, and be involved in really cool projects. I’m one of the founders of Board Game Jam and have helped with various other games and digital events.


Feel free to contact me at:

Adam Clare

Adam Clare