PocketGamer has a great wrap-up of key mobile industry statistics that will have an impact in the year to come:

7. RIM could lose its entire US user base by the end of 2012

What a year for RIM; at least 2012 can’t get any worse … or can it?

According to figures from comScore and analysis from asymco, if it continues losing US subscribers at the current rate of between 500,000 to 1.2 million per a month, it “could lose its entire US user base” by the end of the year.

6. Rise of iOS and Android halves Nintendo DS game revenue

Many of the headlines raised by app analytics company Flurry concerned the growth of mobile gaming versus the ‘relative decline’ of portable gaming.

Its key finding was that “…as smartphone game revenue has climbed aggressively, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP revenue has dropped precipitously”.

Of course, causality between these two trends wasn’t specifically proven in terms of user surveys etc., and the release of the PS Vita and Nintendo’s future strategy with respect to the 3DS means there’s likely to be much more to say on this subject in the coming year.