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The Growing World of S-Commerce

I recently found out about s-commerce from this interview with Philip Letts from a Monocle 24 podcast. Letts is the Founder & CEO of blur Group, a company that wants to be the eBay of s-commerce.

S-commerce is essentially the services economy being brought into the 21st century digital systems. The basic idea is that companies should be able to select the best service provider the way they find the best manufacturer.

Lets describes s-commerce on his tumblr:

s-commerce is about walking into a virtual auction room and making an ask (for a project) – then responding to live pitches and bids until the ultimate solution is sought and bought at the best price. Using the commerce platform to ensure successful delivery of the services.

S-commerce is not to be confused with social commerce which is about exploiting the social aspect of our lives for profit. Sort of like how Twitter is really about marketers talking to marketers about marketing.

Here’s the introductory video from blur:

This sounds like a disruptive idea and I’m curious where the industry will go. Right now a Google search of s-commerce takes you to social commerce so a true mark of success of this new s-commerce (as a service) idea will be when Wikipedia has a page on it.

Architecture Resources for Modellers and Others

thanks Wired!

Architecture in video games is important as it the look and feel of a place can convey a lot of information quickly. To be clear, I’m talking about buildings in the game world not the hardware or software architecture.

At the request of the students in my Art and Architecture class I’ve compiled a list of resources that they can use to stay informed once they graduate:

List of sources for news on architecture and design:


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