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The Hardships Of Indie Game Marketing

95% of indie games are not profitable.

Emmy Jonassen shares facts and scary tales about marketing indie games in this talk she gave at Konsoll 2013. It’s worth watching and has a ton of tidbits of knowledge that can help you promote your game.

I wish I had watched this before we launched AstroDoge. Some of what she talked about we have already done, for example the proper landing page to YouTube trailers we created ahead of time for the launch. To be honest, the hardest part of all of the indie game marketing I’ver ever done is the social media aspect.

Relatedly, today we launched an update to the game that adds functionality that people wanted from the original release. You can download it on Android and iOS.

Edit: Emmy just posted a template for a great press release page.

Transmedia Thoughts From TIFF Industry Conference

Transmedia is basically a useless word, but I’m using it here because that’s what TIFF uses it. Transmedia really is just media nowadays, not to get hung up on the word though….
Anyway, last year I attended the TIFF Industry Conference and enjoyed it. Recently, TIFF posted some of their recordings of the conference, two of which are worth watching if you’re doing anything related to visual and interactive storytelling:

They have more on the YouTube channel.

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