Darc Productions, has set out to make a documentary about game jams. The folks at Darc have been so blown away by the magic of game jams (like TOJam) they have decided to take their love to the next level.

Watch the trailer:

They’re looking for funding on IndieGoGo, and they only have 10 days to reach their goal – go help them out!

From their IndieGoGo project page:

I always tell people that game jams are like sweat lodges for game developers but, truth be told, the experience is different for every single jammer. I can never truly convey the experience of a game jam with words. It really is a momentous thing that one needs to experience to fully comprehend. My hope is to capture the essence of that experience in this documentary, to open strangers minds to the positivity, creativity & passion of game developers, and reveal what a community can achieve in a single weekend of collaboration.
I could make this film locally and tell the tale of the gaming community in Toronto, but that really isn’t telling the story of game jams. For an accurate portrayal of game jams, jammers around the world need to have their voices heard in this film.