Sandra Danilovic is currently researching how games can be used for self-expression and autobiographical narratives. Autopathography is an autobiography of one’s life which deals with disease, disability, or a psychological disorder. It sounds serious, but the game itself doesn’t have to be.

To me, it sounds like this jam will create some really groovy experimental games that will hopefully push some boundaries. At the very least, it’s always nice to see games used in new ways. Signup soon as space is limited.

She wants you to participate in a small game jam that’s happening this fall :

I am currently recruiting study participants -game designers, artists, and developers- who identify with any disability, physical or mental illness, emotional trauma, or any other health issue or impairment – who would be interested in making an autobiographical game in a small Game Jam and being interviewed about the game design process. This ethics-approved qualitative research study explores the self-expressive and transformative potential of game design in building empathy and challenging negative attitudes about disability, illness or human difference.

The Game Jam will be fully accessible and organized by myself with complimentary lunch for all participants.

Also, I am willing to train any interested study volunteers in the software Twine, if they have never made a game or designed anything digital or interactive.

Details of the study and my contact info are on my blog:

If you’re new to Twine, check it out here. I’m currently making a game for the #1GAM challenge and enjoying Twine’s ease of use.