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Updated the Game Making Resources Sections

Click to enlarge and animate.

I’ve done a bit of updating on the game making resources pages and thought all you nice people may want to check them out again.

In particular there are more art resources including the gif above about parallax. Plus a link to a fantastic post on Reddit rounding up tools for 2D art creation.

There is more info in the audio section about getting into using sound and making your own foley effects.

Board Game in Regards to Jam and Lessons

First off, a big congratulations to the Board Game Jam participants on creating over 20 board games in under 48 hours! The wrap-up post has more info on the greatness of the event as well as the media coverage the jam got.

Following the enthusiasm for board games I updated the relevant resources section.

Relatedly, I found in my archive (as I try to record more things here rather in nebulous locations) a podcast from Three Moves Ahead that looks at what lessons we can learn from board games.

Computer and boardgame designer Paul Sottosanti joins up Soren, Julian, and Rob to discuss how board games are evolving, and how their design philosophies differ from computer games. Is the popular success of games like Catan something that will lead to wider acceptance of board games in general? Why do Julian and Paul love drafting mechanics so much? How does the transparency of board games change our relationship to them in comparison to computer games?


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