I was a guest recently on (my favourite) CBC show: The Current. They invited me in to talk with Lee Sheldon and Rebecca Rufo-Tepper about how game mechanics and game design theory is altering the way educators approach classroom teaching. It was a good discussion and you can listen to it online!

The buzzword in education is gamification. These students are studying game design, and taking a course from one of gamification’s pioneers.

Lee Sheldon is a professor in the Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences program at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is one of the first to design his classes as multi-player games, and a leader in gamification.

Adam Clare is a professor of Game Design at George Brown, and a Lead Game Designer at Wero Creative in Toronto.

Rebecca Rufo-Tepper is one of the founding design partners of Quest To Learn school in New York City.

More at The Current.