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Gnome Oppressor Released On iOS

Gnome Oppressor

Gnomes are wonderful little creatures who are always up to something. In my recently released game, Gnome Oppressor, you can play as a flying gnome who just loves to fly.

This game is released under the Prototype banner of Wero Creative. The Prototype banner is how we’re going to distinguish our experimental games from our polished games. We believe that it’s better to have our games out there being played than to have them stagnate on our computers.

The best part of game design is that I’ve already found some major bugs post-release and will be submitting an update to the App Store by the end of the day.

It’s an endless flying game in which the difficulty ramps up the longer you play. You can read about the design behind the game in an earlier post: #1GAM January: Gnome Oppressor


Round-up of Good GDC Vault Presentations

Sadly, I’m not going to GDC this year so to make up for it, I scoured the vault to find presentations I previously enjoyed as well as new ones (to me). I thought I’d share some of my favourite talks for other people who, like me, are missing out on this year’s fun.

The GDC Vault has a nearly every presentation and panel from previous GDC events. There is a ton of content within it which is really good and you should go through it to find stuff directly related to you. Below, are links to some choice GDC presentations from 2011 & 2012.

All the links are to free content in the vault (some  presentations that have only slides below may have video for paid accounts).


From GDC 2011:


From GDC 2012

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