Nimblebit has released an image (left) that points out the similarities between their game TinyTower and Zynga’s game called Dream Heights.dear zynga

This image has been making the rounds, for commentary on it feel free to check out the conversation on Reddit. Copying style and games mechanics is not a new thing in the gaming industry.

I find it interesting how mad people are at this. If it wasn’t Zynga (which many gamers love to hate) I wonder if this would have got the reaction on the net that it did.

Here’s a choice quote from Pocket Gamer on Zynga copying Tiny Tower:

Other mobile and social developers have also thrown their hats into the ring.

Among them was Daniel Cook, CCO of Spryfox, who described those who copy and sell the works of others as “horrible human beings.”

“It doesn’t matter if it is your job. Or if you need the money. Or if some boss told you to do it,” Cook said.

“You pushed the pixels that hurt someone.”

TAUW shares with us that Zynga may have tried to buy Nimblebit in the past:

I have asked NimbleBit about getting acquired before. The brothers seem like prime candidates for a larger company to come along and buy them out, and indeed Ian Marsh says during this whole affair that Zynga has offered to purchase NimbleBit and its games before. But as they told me, these guys aren’t in it for the money. Certainly their games are very lucrative, but the Marsh brothers have said that they just like making great games on their own and will continue to do that for as long as they can.