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Updated the Game Making Resources Sections

Click to enlarge and animate.

I’ve done a bit of updating on the game making resources pages and thought all you nice people may want to check them out again.

In particular there are more art resources including the gif above about parallax. Plus a link to a fantastic post on Reddit rounding up tools for 2D art creation.

There is more info in the audio section about getting into using sound and making your own foley effects.

Updated Game Creation Software List

I just added two new game making software options to the game creation software page.

I haven’t tried Corona one yet so I can’t speak from experience but it does look good. It looks like they have a code editor which can be very helpful (or dangerous) depending on your comfort dealing with code.

Stencyl is a easy to learn visual game editor that has some really good templates to start from. At the recent Gamercamp they had setup Stencyl for people to play around with during the game jam they ran during Maker U afternoon.

On their Stencyl blog they have example games and some hints and tips.

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