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Need an idea for a game? Try starting with my Game Design Improv app!

Here’s a list of software that can help you make your first game:

Software for Interactive Fiction

  • Twine is a good game creation tool to let you focus on writing; ideal for RPGs, interactive fiction, and other text-heavy games.
  • Versu is another great deal for making a game around interactive fiction.
  • StoryNexus is an online platform that permits monetization.
  • Choice of Games is another online platform that permits monetization and mobile apps.
  • Inform 7 is free software allowing you to write in plain language.
  • Belle – visual novel maker is open source and free software.
  • Ren’Py another visual novel maker which uses python on the back-end.


If you’re looking for something more advanced check out this page.

Can’t find the application you’re looking for? There’s always Wikipedia’s category page on video game creation software.

  1. Dustan Bridges

    Hi Adam, I am the Director for a Middle School summer program in Southern California. I was looking to get a game design class going. What do you think the best software/program is for that age level? What kind of experience would someone need to teach a course like this?

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