The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is having an event focused on video games! Their calling it the Darkade and the need your game!

After Dark is about new horror, sci-fi, action and cult films so if you’re into any of that you should check it out, and if you have game related to any of that, submit it.

For the Darkcade we seek this year’s most unique and thrilling indie videogames that fall within our festival’s genre mandate. We want HORROR games, SCI-FI games, ACTION games and CULT games! Selected games can look forward to considerable exposure. The Darkcade will be a key part of nightly social events at this year’s festival, which expands to 9 nights and is expecting to break last year’s record of over 10,000 fans in attendance. In addition over 100 Press and Industry members also attend Toronto After Dark annually.

More information and how to submit can be found here.

Thanks to Oskar!