The Toronto Star recently published an article on companies creating serious games and the impact that they are having on education. I was interviewed for this piece about the work we’ve done at Wero Creative. Also interviewed was Jeremy Friedberg at Spongelab and the great work that they’ve been up to, they have a fantastic new web service for connecting educators to good interactive content.

Also interviewed is the very smart and wonderful Jennifer Jenson from York University, she has done some great work looking at gender and gaming.

Some teachers are still uncertain of how to incorporate games into the classroom, said Adam Clare, co-founder of Wero Creative, which makes educational and “just for fun” games.

Many games are inter-disciplinary, causing issues in a system that divides math, science and history into separate subjects, he said.

“Our feedback has always been, ‘This game is great. Now how do I use it in class?’” In response, Clare has created a ratings system to help teachers understand the educational value of games.

Read the full article on the Star’s website.