I’m still looking at fashion and games (previously) and have gained even more apperciation for the art of fashion and the concepts around style.

Without further ado, here’s a hodgepodge of fashion and games stuff:

Console to Closet is a website that catalogs the blending of fashion and video games into stylish and wearable outfits. Pictured is the outfit inspired by Legion from Mass Effect.

There are some fashion elements in video games that make no sense whatsoever like female body armour. Recently, there was a post on TOR.com on the ridiculous design of protective breast plating in games (and other media). Here’s a snippet from the piece which is worth a read.

But that’s not all! Let’s say you even fall onto your boob-conscious armor. The divet separating each breast will dig into your chest, doing you injury. It might even break your breastbone. With a strong enough blow to the chest, it could fracture your sternum entirely, destroying your heart and lungs, instantly killing you. It is literally a death trap—you are wearing armor that acts as a perpetual spear directed at some of your most vulnerable body parts. It’s just not smart.

Back to the physical world, we see change there too. With new fabrics being created one can use clothing as a controller interface for digital games with Woven.

The Perfect Suit is a one hour BBC documentary thing into what makes a suit good (or bad).

Ozwald Boateng – Why Style Matters

Not really related to games, but just so you know: yes you can judge a woman by her shoes, it took a scientific study to prove it.

The Flea’s site helped me quite a bit in this process.