The gaming industry needs more people making games so we can get diverse perspectives on the world around us and the issues some people face. An example of a game that can open minds to issues that others face is dys4ia.

The game creator wrote on her site about the game and its meaning.

dys4ia is the story of the last six months of my life: when i made the decision to start hormone replacement therapy and began taking estrogen. i wanted to catalog all the frustrations of the experience and maybe create an “it gets better” for other trans women. when i started working on the game, though, i didn’t know whether it did get better. i was in the middle of the shit detailed in level 3 of the game, and at the time i had no idea what the ending would be; it was hard to envision a happy ending.

One more neat thing about this is that dys4ia debut at forallgamerssake, and thanks to finding this game I found this cool interview with Jamie Woo.

Play the game at Newgrounds.