Next week I’ll be in Austin Texas at the Captivate Conference, which is a conference exploring the intersections of media. My talk will be on how to ensure you’re using the right medium to tell your story.

I’ll explore examples of entertainment products that made good and bad use of their medium and how well they were converted to another medium.

The conference schedule looks great and I’m excited to be a part of it!

About the conference:

The blurring of creative titles is already happening. People who work in digital entertainment move between film, games, mobile and music throughout their careers. Captivate is bringing together these creative industries to make connections, learn and solidify as a community. Our technology conferences are both cutting edge and rooted in years of creative history.

  • See the latest technology and cutting edge projects at the Captivate Expo
  • Learn from industry leaders in keynote sessions, workshops, panels and presentations
  • Master classes and workshops taught by innovators and thought leaders
  • Hear from the researchers at the forefront of these fields
  • Hear the most recent ways that film and games converge and cross-pollinate