Gamercamp is a fantastic weekend long event that celebrate games and it happens every year in Toronto! This year they’ve added a whole new day to boot.

The site for Gamercamp Lvl3 is live and the schedule is up and looks super great. Get your tickets now so you don’t miss out on this great event.

From the Gamercamp website:

Welcome to the Gamercamp Lv3, packed with three days of goodness, over 40 hours of programming, and more games than you can shake a stick at!

Jump straight to our highlights page to see what’s new for this year, then check out our schedule for a guide of all the happenings. Our speakers page is also up and we’re adding new faces every week—all in all I think we can say this year is all about more, more, more! (Without the gold lamé!)

We’re also proud to announce our first keynote speaker: Seth Cooper, lead designer behind the Foldit, a protein-folding game that recently made worldwide news when players helped scientists uncover a key mechanism associated with HIV. Seth will share an inspiring talk on how games solve difficult real-world problems. Games don’t have to change the world, but if they could, why not?

Grab your tickets now!