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Gamercamp 2013 New Format, More Fun Things, and I’m Speaking

It’s hard to believe that Gamercamp is entering it’s fifth run! Every year has been more enjoyable than the last, and this year there are some big changes. The format has evolved from a small, quick, event to being a more fleshed out three day adventure.

This year the event runs November 1,2, and 3. If you’re in Toronto you should definitely go, if you’re not in Toronto you now have a reason to come visit!

Each day focuses on an aspect of game design from business to playing! This year I’m speaking about the importance of different mediums for game design during the Interactive and Games Conference portion of Gamercamp. There are so many good speakers presenting cool things you should check them all out!

The new format for Gamercamp is best explained by the organizers themselves from an email they sent out:

Maker U
  • A full day of talks focusing on amazing interactive and game projects and collaborations happens now on Friday, November 1 as Maker U, perfect for professionals and students.
Gamercamp Day Pass
  • The games now take up the entirety of our venue—effectively turning Hotel Ocho into a giant arcade—over the weekend. We’ve just announced the Official Selections chosen from across North America and Europe.
  • Gamercamp also will have its first original exhibition “Art Of The Ninja” exploring the history and significance of the shinobi in over 30 years of videogames.
  • We takeover the Ocho restaurant to create our own Board Game Cafe open from 10 am to 7 pm, just for Gamercamp Day Passholders.
Salon Series
  • Our fantastic out-of-town speakers are now part of the Salon Series, held every night.

Buy passes and find out more about Gamercamp at their website.

Gamercamp and ZED.TO This Weekend

Gamercamp 2012 is this coming weekend and it’s looking like the best camp yet! Tonight they are doing a halloween screening of Ace Attorney.

I’ll be running a workshop from 2-3 on Saturday about board games and Board Game Jam, so if you’re new to board games you should come check it out. See the schedule for more fun things happening at Gamercamp.

Also this weekend, ZED.TO is having their climactic event on Friday and Saturday. It’s looking like it’s going to be the most intense interactive theatrical experience to ever be staged in Toronto.

A Special Message from ByoLogyc CEO Chet Getram from ByoLogyc on Vimeo.

To catch up on some background of the ZED story be sure to check out the web comic.

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