Need a name for your game, character, company? Look no further! Check out this collection of websites that will randomly generate what you need!

The Fake Name Generator – almost all you need to skip town!
The Video Game Name Generator – get cool names like “Chinese Worm World Cup”
Company Name Generator – you can start Zepshir Inc.
Character Generator – basic but maybe inspiring
Avatar game name generator – with specialities for many gaming genres. For FPS it suggested ThongSoup…
Product name generator – when you don’t know what you’re selling
Superhero/ villain name generator – they have parameters and I shall now be known as Jet Kick
Name It is a $5 plugin for Unity that will pull random names into your game via a textile
Benedict Cumberbatch character name generator
And of course, the classic Wu Tang name generator!

Edit: Here’s a bonus Content Idea Generator.