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Get To Know Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan was a very influential thinker who changed the way we think about media at large. He argued that the medium is the message when it comes to understanding popular culture. If you grew up in Canada you may remember this Heritage Minute:

McLuhan was a visionary and here all I hope do to is get you interested in learning more about him and his thinking. In the first week back in class he came up twice with one of my classes looking directly at his work. Due to many students asking for more information, here is a very quick look into McLuhan and his impact on media, culture, and humanity.

The term “the global village” was coined by McLuhan and has been used ever since to describe the interconnectedness of the planet thanks to technology. His impact was large and you can get a good idea of the complexity of his thinking and its impact in the documentary below.
The documentary, This is Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Massage, is a great introduction to the thinking of McLuhan.

If you’re interred in hearing more from McLuhan, you can check out and the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto (check out their events). And here is giving a great interview on ABC:

Part 1
“A baseball game without an audience would be a rehearsal only.”

Part 2
“Participation in replay is a form of pattern recognition that is new in new media.”

part 3
He uses the word Orient so much I think he should’ve read some Edward Said.

List of All Sorts of Name Generators

Need a name for your game, character, company? Look no further! Check out this collection of websites that will randomly generate what you need!

The Fake Name Generator – almost all you need to skip town!
The Video Game Name Generator – get cool names like “Chinese Worm World Cup”
Company Name Generator – you can start Zepshir Inc.
Character Generator – basic but maybe inspiring
Avatar game name generator – with specialities for many gaming genres. For FPS it suggested ThongSoup…
Product name generator – when you don’t know what you’re selling
Superhero/ villain name generator – they have parameters and I shall now be known as Jet Kick
Name It is a $5 plugin for Unity that will pull random names into your game via a textile
Benedict Cumberbatch character name generator
And of course, the classic Wu Tang name generator!

Edit: Here’s a bonus Content Idea Generator.

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