FTL Early Build

I’ve been a bit of an FTL kick recently and so I was thrilled to see that the team behind FTL gave a talk at this year’s GDC. The released early screen shots of the game (above) and what the early testers thought of everything from the combat to the art.

They also had some interesting things to say about what it’s like to develop the game in a very public way. The game got funded via Kickstarter and their success brought both positive and negative elements to the game and it’s development.Essentially, expectations went way up and so too did scope (and the challenges inherent in that).

They have already posted their slides from their talk and you can download them here. Before going their slide deck I suggest reading Armless Octopus’s writeup of actually being there for the talk as it provides context for the slides as well as some additional insight.

Now to spin up my FTL…