One issue that a lot of aspiring game developers run into is how to talk about their “super-awesome-game-changing-paradigm-shifting-genre-smashing” game to other people. It can be quite a challenge to pick which parts of the game are relevant and what the audience will know and what is unfamiliar to them.

Essentially talking about your game is hard.

Lucky for all you aspiring indie developers Bubble Gum Interactive has put together a good pitch deck template for you to use!

We’ve put together a presentation template that provides a good structure for any games business seeking funding. We’re putting this out into the public domain and welcome you to use it! Of course you’ll need to do a fair bit of work to pull together the content and plan your messaging. You may also want to spice it up with some great artwork – something that shouldn’t be too hard for creative games developers.

The presentation deck is ten slides. This is intentional. Investors don’t want to sit through long-winded overly detailed presentations. Another rule for you – keep each slide to a maximum of a few points and make sure you use a reasonable sized font. You can insert tables and charts to show information. Remember, when presenting, your slide deck should be a concise summary of information, not a huge document full of text. You do the talking – the slide emphasizes the key points and is really something to “talk to.”