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A Look at the Internet in 2012

Business Insider has put together a report titled State of the Internet:2012. You guessed correctly, it’s about the business of the internet in 2012, and it is reference to traditional media. One thing I was taken aback by was that in the USA advertising in print media shrunk insanely fast from 2006 to 2011. THey suspect the same to happen in TV advertising very soon.

You can se the full report here.

Plan on Relying on Social Media for Marketing? Think Again.

Lots of indie game developers assume that their game will be so unique/fun/innovative/etc. that the world of social media will take care of marketing for them. This plan may work for some games, but if you’re banking on social media to carry your game far and wide you should think again.

The world of the social web is getting more complex every year and recently this image has been making the rounds that outlines the social media categories and networks.

Oddly, I found this on Pinterest and it’s not even included in the image.

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