Getting a game to market can be very challenging and one of the largest concerns is getting money to actually build a game. Traditionally, game developers would try to secure a publisher for a game they wanted to make and the publisher would front some cash to the developer. In the world of mobile gaming the business case for a publisher has diminished because developers can get to the market faster and easier for a whole variety of reasons that don’t be to repeated here.

The point is there are game developers that, for whatever reason, need some starting capital to get their game made. Unless they tap into savings or another financial source then a publisher could make a lot of sense.

If you do end up going for a publisher check to make sure that they are suitable for your game and that your game is equally suitable for them.

I’ve found a great list of mobile publishers thanks to a kind user at Quora, which I’ve copied below. More information and an informative discussion can be found at the thread on Quora. /