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The Ending of Last of Us and More from Writer Neil Druckmann

Neil Druckmann is a Creative Director and Writer at Naughty Dog who was one of the great minds behind The Last of Us. The Toronto chapter of the IGDA brought Druckmann into the city for a fantastic talk about his work on The Last of Us and his thoughts on how women are portrayed in the games industry. The event was recorded and you can watch it here:

The IGDA Toronto Chapter Committee is extremely pleased to kick-off the 2013/2014 season with a very special event!

In writing The Last of Us Naughty Dog set out to raise the bar of character-driven videogame narratives. Neil Druckmann, Creative Director and Writer of The Last of Us, will deconstruct several iterations of the story, explaining why the narrative needed to constantly evolve over the course of production.

Neil Druckmann is the Creative Director and Writer of The Last of Us. He previously worked as Designer and Co-writer on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Neil is also the writer and creator of the graphic novel, A Second Chance at Sarah.

Thanks to Andy Borkowski of AM 640 for recording the event for us!

Real World Architecture and Locations in The Last of Us

After playing through The Last of Us, I decided to look into how accurate the locations of the game are.

The talented people at Naughty Dog make great game environments and I was particularly impressed by some of what I saw in the game. Their environments have enough real-world influence to create a strong sense of immersion while they also adjust the layout of buildings (and their colour/textures) to enhance the gameplay.

Indeed, the art direction is so detailed that they included the right area code in some regions; however, we can’t ignore that they also included a sex line.

From here on consider everything to be a spoiler if you don’t want the game ruined.
If you haven’t played it then buy the game now (Amazon link)!

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