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How To Expand Minecraft .MCB Files on a Mac

A few times I’ve wanted to explore my Minecraft server maps in third-party applications (like MCMap Live) and have had to deal with .MCB files.

After fooling around with this a few times I feel the need to document this for my own sanity.

1. Download the free Stuffit Expander (I found this to be the only app that worked)
2. Rename the extension on your downloaded Minecraft file from .mcb to .zip
3. Unzip the file using Stuffit Expander. You may have to right click the .zip file and select Open With…
4. You should now see a folder that looks like this:

Minecraft server file folder

TL;DR The only way that worked was to change the .mcb to .zip, unzip it then use Stuffit Expander.

Carbon Emissions in Minecraft

This might be the neatest experimental Minecraft mod that I’ve seen: AMEE mod, essentially carbon emissions in Minecraft. The mod tracks what you burn and then contacts AMEE to figure out how much carbon to toss into the atmosphere.

This might be a good way to teach about ecosystems and Earth’s atmosphere.

Of course, it’s not just wood. Loads of things burn, and not just in furnaces. The hack supports combustion of almost anything in minecraft; wood, planks, coal, tree saplings, and so on. I even put in some calculations for setting fire to cows (as any Minecraft player knows, an effective way to quickly get cooked beef). Even the hostile mobs like creepers have their emissions mapped (mostly to generic biomass calculations). I also added redstone (like electricity) emissions using AMEE’s realtime UK national grid data.

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