Gamification is everywhere and it’s getting more entangled in everyday activities (even in places that I feel will do more harm than good, but that’s a different post). Not too long ago I was engaged in a project that focused on bringing the core ideas of gaming into the social web. This is gamification in action.

Looking into the world of games and online social interaction brought forth a bunch of content management systems (CMS) that reward people’s use of a website using gamification. All of the companies below look to be focused on two things: turning site visitors into consumers and for internal company use to help HR.

Here’s a roundup of gamified CMS:

Founded in 2010 and they seem to be getting a lot of big corporate clients, their analytics programs look to be the most well-rounded of these CMS.

Arguably the first on the gamified CMS bandwagon they use a backbone called Nitro that can be plugged into an existing site.

If you’re running a smaller website and want to bring gamificaion into it then of all the CMS listed here, you should definitely check out BigDoor. They’re focused on making gamification more accessible to smaller companies.

This company came up a lot in my research and to me they don’t seem to be all that great (I can’t name what it is exactly but they come across as not that legit).


You can use these gamification CMS for more than just projects driven for profit, indeed MeYou Health is an online community filled with social well being challenges.

Kiip is not a CMS but is related to some of the ideas brought forth by the companies listed above, they give out points for playing games on your mobile. With these Kiip points people can then get free tea-world things:

Kiip: An Introduction from kiip on Vimeo.