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WordPlay: A New Writerly Games Festival

The Hand Eye Society and the Toronto Public Library system is having a game festival about words!The organizers are looking for video games and boardgames plus some non-game material too if you have it.

Taking place Saturday, Nov. 16th from 12-5pm at the Toronto Reference Library, WordPlay will be a free one-day festival to celebrate the most interesting writerly games. It’ll feature:

  • A showcase of local and international videogames and boardgames with a word or strong writing component.
  • A panel with game/book cross-media types.
  • A bookclub-style in-person discussion with the Chicago-based creators of IGF winner Kentucky Route Zero.
  • An interactive fiction-making workshop.

Find out more and submit your relevant game here.

Thanks to Jim!

Like, What’s a Roguelike?

At the recent Hand Eye Society event they looked at roguelike games, a genre of games that is seemingly hard to explain (watch video below). They seem to be growing in popularity again for some reason I don’t fully understand to be honest. It likely has something to do with the fun that is FTL.

Raigan Burns from Metanet Software explains this obscure genre of videogame and why he likes them. It’s the first ten minutes of his talk given at the Hand Eye Society Social in Dec. 2012.

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