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Bringing the Future to Life

Trevor Haldenby just put his incredibly long look at the use of transmedia storytelling online. I’m looking forward to sitting and reading this.

This book-length exploration into the creation of the project, and my motivations to design and reflect on it as a futurist, took me just about a year to write. Hopefully itโ€™s a bit faster to read. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Submitted to OCAD University for the degree of Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation. This book reflects on a research project exploring the use of transmedia storytelling techniques to materialize speculative future scenarios. It also highlights a transmedia futures project called ZED.TO, created in 2012 in Toronto by Trevor Haldenby and The Mission Business.

Bringing the Future to Life: Pervasive Transmedia Scenarios and the World of Worlding by Trevor Haldenby

via the authors Tumblr.

Our “Flat-Pack Futures”

At Media Future Week Scott Smith presented a talk called “Beware of Flat-Pack Futures” and it’s worth watching. Cory Doctorow describes it:

His “flat-pack futures” are the insufficiently weird, bland, like-today-only-moreso futures we see depicted all around us. He proposes a weirder, more textured, more contradictory future and a toolkit for thinking about it.

via bOing.

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