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Canada is #3 Worldwide in Video Game Development


The Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESA) released their Essential Facts 2012 (here’s the PDF) report not too long ago and it’s filled with fun facts! According to the ESA’s research Quebec has the greatest number of industry workers while Ontario is expected to have the fastest growth.

Some notable facts from the 2012 edition:

  • The average age of a Canadian gamer: 31
  • 58% of Canadians are gamers
  • 54% of males and 46% of females play video games
  • 80% of Canadian households have at least one cell phone, tablet computer or other mobile device

The Globe and Mail picked up on the report and highlighted the fact that Canada’s video game industry is the third largest in the world right now. They also have a great breakdown and visualisation of the ESA’s report, you can view their presentation here.

ESA Essential Facts 2011

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) of Canada has released their Essential Facts booklet for 2011 and in it are some gems on the Canadian gaming industry.

From ESA Essential Facts 2011

Did you know that there are about 16,000 Canadians directly employed by video game companies in Canada?

In Ontario alone the industry spent $238 million and the ESA is expecting a 21% growth of the industry!

Ontario has more companies than Quebec and is seeing more rapid growth rates. This is likely a function of the smaller average size of Ontario video game companies, as entrepreneurial companies tend to exhibit faster growth than more established companies
» Ontario’s industry is less centred on traditional console games, though they still command a slight majority share of the resources

Essential Facts 2011 PDF link

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