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Something to Follow: Tiggit, the Indie Game Installer

Tiggit is like Steam but for free indie games. Also like when Steam first launched it’s Windows-only so if your a Mac user like me then you’ll have to wait (or use Boot Camp). You can follow Tiggit’s progress on their blog.

With a total of 336 games (and demos) so far this should be a neat way to stay in the loop about indie games. The project is open source and if your next game is free and runs on Windows then you can have your game listed.

Here’s a brief on the features:


  • Contains over 300 freeware games (and a few demos)
  • New games added continuously
  • No account or registration required

NPD Reveals Digital Gaming Space Taxonomy

NPD Group is a good resource for market information and they have recently released how they classify video games.

They have done a good job of breaking down the game content and monetization models that exists in the gaming industry. Their categorization makes sense to me and I don’t see anything that has been overlooked.

The high level classifications are:

  • Video game category
  • Industry segments
  • Channel (purchase)
  • Delivery method
  • Business model
  • Payment method

See the flow chart below for details.

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