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Statistics Explained Using Interpretive Dance

Stats used to be boring, but not any more!

Ever year I say to my students that some assignments can be submitted however they would like. It’s inevitable that somebody will joke that they will submit their assignment not as an essay but as an interpretive dance. No one has actually followed through with it, I hope that these videos inspire them to though.

Creative Inspiration From Dancing

Whenever I feel that I need some inspiration I watch people dance on the internet. Not just any old dancing – they need to be dancing in a public place where others don’t expect such fun!

There is the long, but oh-so-good Girl Walk All Day.

You see, they need to be out in places not regularly used for dancing because it makes watching the spectators fun too. The public dancing breaks so many social conventions that I feel that it’s a great place to get inspiration from because this dancing is, at its core, trying to push creative boundaries.

My watching of dance videos can be traced back to some dude named Nathan.

Here’s some of Nathan J Barnatt’s videos:

This one features Yelle, who’s music would be great for a video game!

Also, who doesn’t want to just get up and dance ridiculously at least once a day?

You know what, Yelle’s videos are great too.

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