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Infographic of the History of Consoles

Historically speaking, video game consoles are not even a blip on the human timeline. Despite for still being very young they have had a large impact on culture and I’ve looked at the history before. Check out the last 35 years of console prices and the history of console piracy.

The Evolution of Gaming Consoles
Source: The Evolution of Gaming Consoles

Things to Note From GDC 2012

Unfortunately I was not able to get down to GDC 2012, but I was following some of the chatter online and spoke to people upon their return. I’ve compiled a few things that I think are noteworthy and one should keep an eye on. If I was at the conference itself I’m sure the list would be quite different.

Industry stuff:

Problematizing women-focused initiatives in the game industry.

When the Consoles Die by Ben Cousins. About a half hour and worth the watch:

Technology stuff:

A procedural world generator called Outerra that can put Minecraft to shame .

It also looks like the world of mind reading is improving with a game of mental tug of war.

CryEngine, which powers the Crysis series and military simulators had a new tech trailer on display and it looks impressive – would you expect anything less? The new tech trailer for CryEngine3 can be seen on GameTrailers.

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