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Some Alternative Human Computer Interfaces For Games

With new computer interfaces getting more attention I’d like to take a quick moment to list a few of them. A couple years ago I linked to a funny interface and game: kiss bowling. You can see it in action here:

Here are other crazy ways to interact with computers (and thus games). The more practical ones are towards the bottom. It’s with noting that many of these nifty interfaces are thanks to a little device called an Arduino, which is an open source prototyping chip board. It’s also worth mentioning the MaKey MaKey which is a simple way to make your own custom controller.

Fruits and Vegetables

And here’s a MaKey MaKey in action creating music using fruits and vegetables:

The Tekken Piano:

The TekkenPiano from Mc Cool on Vimeo.

This is the final product of my project for interaction design. Took the whole semester, to get this to work but it was worth it. How it works: The piano sends a Midi-Signal, which is transferred to an arduino. According to the signals, the arduino triggers transistors, which then trigger inputs on a paewang PCB (This is the PCB of an arcadestick). The paewang is connected to an Xbox360 (you can also use it on PS3).


This is made by the fun loving people at Site3 coLaboratory.

[It] is a simulated fighting game in the style of Street Fighter. However, instead of playing a traditional video game, the participants interact with the game with motions and thoughts; wearing interactive sensors for each fist, and an EEG headband.

Google Glass

Let’s admit that this belongs in the ‘crazy’ section of this post as it makes you look like a glasshole and Google Glass gives people headaches (via Hacker News). After all, my mobile can accomplish just as much as Glass (although it’s in my pocket).

More sane HCI

Of course, there is the stuff that you (probably) already heard of like the Oculus Rift. An Oculus developer did an AMA on Reddit, there he provided this insight:

Scale that may look right on a screen will be off on the rift if its not exactly like it is in real life. HUDS don`t work. Menus need to be in 3D. Motion needs to be perfect or it will make you sick. For instance in half life you are sprinting everywhere and its very uncomfortable. head bob doesn’t work. cinematic cut scenes that take control of your head, will make you puke.

The Razer Hydra is essentially a complex two-handed joystick that knows its relative position. Combine this with the Oculus Rift and you got a stew going!

Use your hands
Noteworthy are both the Myo band and the Leap Motion. They have the same basic functionality of swinging your arms and pointing to interact with screens. There is an inherent problem with these sorts of interfaces though: your arms will get tired.

What makes these two interfaces interesting though is they are meant to augment your current workflow and not replace it.

There’s also the Kinect, Playstation Move, and a myriad of augmented reality apps.

I’ve also willingly ignored a ton of wearable tech as that would be a post on its own, same with voice control (like Siri and Google Voice).

There are tons of other weird HCI options that I’ve probably missed. Feel free to leave them in the comments.

7 Dumb Gaming Innovations, Really?

Cracked has a list of the seven dumbest video gaming innovations and I must say that some of them look pretty nifty. I think the author of the post is missing the point that some of these innovations are meant just to be experiments that push boundaries.

That, or the author does get it and is just writing for a humour site.

Here’s one game from the list that I think I’d actually like to play:

#2. Kiss Controller — Turn French Kissing into Bowling

Bowling video games probably reached their zenith with Nintendo’s Wii Sports mini-game — once you are able to play by performing an actual throwing-ball swinging motion, where else can you go? Well, artist Hye Yeon Nam found the next innovation: kiss bowling.

Imagine all the awkward kissing you could experience! Sure they look like they are munching on each other instead of having a good time, but a kiss-based game could be tons of fun.

Besides, I can think of at least one couple that could’ve benefited from playing a kissing game:

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