Cracked has a list of the seven dumbest video gaming innovations and I must say that some of them look pretty nifty. I think the author of the post is missing the point that some of these innovations are meant just to be experiments that push boundaries.

That, or the author does get it and is just writing for a humour site.

Here’s one game from the list that I think I’d actually like to play:

#2. Kiss Controller — Turn French Kissing into Bowling

Bowling video games probably reached their zenith with Nintendo’s Wii Sports mini-game — once you are able to play by performing an actual throwing-ball swinging motion, where else can you go? Well, artist Hye Yeon Nam found the next innovation: kiss bowling.

Imagine all the awkward kissing you could experience! Sure they look like they are munching on each other instead of having a good time, but a kiss-based game could be tons of fun.

Besides, I can think of at least one couple that could’ve benefited from playing a kissing game: