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GTA V’s Real World Inspiration for Landmarks

GTA V has been making headlines for over a week now and I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about it. Still, I want to share these nifty collections of images comparing in-game locations to their real world corollary.

First, there is an extensive comparison can be found at LA I am Yours, which covers most of the landmarks in Los Santos. When driving the streets of Los Santos there were some buildings that I could tell were copies of real ones, but having never been to LA I had no idea what the buildings actually are.

Reddit user SurlyBadger created an album exclusively about Venice Beach compared to the in-game Vespucci Beach.

Real World Architecture and Locations in The Last of Us

After playing through The Last of Us, I decided to look into how accurate the locations of the game are.

The talented people at Naughty Dog make great game environments and I was particularly impressed by some of what I saw in the game. Their environments have enough real-world influence to create a strong sense of immersion while they also adjust the layout of buildings (and their colour/textures) to enhance the gameplay.

Indeed, the art direction is so detailed that they included the right area code in some regions; however, we can’t ignore that they also included a sex line.

From here on consider everything to be a spoiler if you don’t want the game ruined.
If you haven’t played it then buy the game now (Amazon link)!

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