E3 finished earlier this week and I thought it would be worth while to keep an eye on some of these games.

What I find the most interesting about the first two is how the AI reacts. Interestingly the first two are also fresh new IP (intellectual property).

The best and most interesting trailer of all of E3 is for Ubisoft’s new game Watch Dogs:

I love how the character’s mobile phone is just as powerful as his gun. The opportunity for something really cool here is great and I hope issues from privacy to conceptions of panopticons are explored.

The QR code in the demo takes you here; perhaps an ARG is on the way.

The Last of Us

I really hope this game takes a ton of inspiration from The Road.

Everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to survive. What you’ll see here is something that we’re calling Balance of Power AI. Enemies will react realistically to whatever situation your combat style forces them into. Playing as Joel, Ellie’s help and whatever weapons you can scavenge are your best shot at progressing in this brutal, violent world.

Dishonored looks like a steampunk retro-future game that combines stealth and action. I honestly don’t know what to make of this game and trailer.

Lastly, there’s Assassin’s Creed III. People on the net keep saying that this game isn’t going to be all “Go AMERICA” but from what I’ve seen you’re arguably only fighting on the side of the Yankees. Maybe all Brits are Templars?

The UK trailer:

The North American one: