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Famous Architecture: The Board Game

NEXT Architects have created a board game!

The game is focused on the great buildings and quotes from the world of modern architecture. It even has cute little model buildings that you use on the board.

The Modern Architecture Game is the second edition of the architecture game. The first edition was launched on 30 August 1999. It was the first project collaboration involving the four partners at NEXT architects and was distributed in the private environment of Delft University of Technology.

Ten years later, we’ve produced a revised version of the game, analytically unravelled and improved. This edition is an international version, in the sense that it is produced in English, but also that the questions range right across the breadth of modern world history.

Thanks to Charlie (who found out about it at TAXI)!


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  1. Nice – I’m currently embarking on the gamificiation of a deck of cards exploring underlying drivers of sociotechnological change – this is a great spiritual reference.

    Isn’t there a saying to do with “gaming about architecture?” 😉

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