Teaching in a game design program I see all types of students from the ill-prepared to the super-keen. Regardless of where one might be on that spectrum, it’s worth reviewing and thinking about 10 things you need to know before starting at a game school.

It’s a seriously good breakdown of what students should know and do prior to starting at a game school. Indeed, many of the points raised are relevant well beyond time spent learning.

Here’s a snippet from number three:

3. Determine the specific field you want to get into
Many students falsely equate ‘game design’ with ‘game development’, and think that it covers art, programming or even project management. These are all significantly different jobs, and need different skills to succeed!

Given how short and focused most game courses are, narrowing down your targeted field before school will help immensely. If you have a hard time deciding, don’t fret – enroll in a course that is at least 2 years long. These programs often have an introductory semester or two where you can try different fields, and then narrow down from there.

Thanks to Tara!