The Etiquette of Sexting from Big Nose Pictures on Vimeo.

The Etiquette of Sexting is an upcoming film about, you guessed it, sexting. Some friends of mine are making this film and they have turned to crowd funding to make their movie happen. I’ve had the chance to participate in a table read of the film and can safely say the movie is quite hilarious.

They only have a few days until their Indiegogo campaign ends so don’t think about it too hard and send some cash their way.

Here’s their elevator pitch:

Following the realization that his longtime girlfriend was sexting another man behind his back, Brent naively embarks on an adventure to learn about sexting from his best friend, Andy while navigating a new romance with an office co-worker, Jenny. But when a scheming colleague frames Brent for a sext he didn’t commit will he have the chutzpah to expose the truth?

Go help them make a sexty film!