is a website setup to encourage people to, you guessed it, test their morals. It’s comprised of a series of quizzes designed by the team of psychologists behind the site.

The site is a very American take on morals, they also don’t appear to know the difference between sex and gender. I just did their introduction quiz and it comes as no surprise that I don’t fit into either of the (pathetically) only two options Americans have to vote for this November. Nowhere did it ask if I thought it’s worse for society to only have two choices for popular political affiliation, the world is more complex than blue vs. red. Oh well.

On the self compassion test I passed with flying colours, go me! Some of the quizzes are just fun to take and they are backed up with further resources to find out more about the results and where to research it. They also have a way to setup groups to see the values of an organization like a classroom.

For members of my class please join a group by clicking here.

If anybody knows of a similar moral study designed for global citizens (or even just Canadians) please share in the comments below!

On a similar thought to morality, there is religion. If you’re looking for a very brief overview of the plethora of religions out there then you may want to check out the Big Religion Comparison Chart. Of course, this is really a high-level overview and like YourMorals it links to more information online for you to peruse. Prior to looking at the chart I had no idea that Unitarian Universalism was thing, although I’m sure I’ve seen their logo before.