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A New Word Game: WordPatch

WordPatch is a word game that challenges and delights! It has just been released on the App Store.

Victor Pinto, A former student (graduated last year) in the game design program I teach, is one of the brains behind the game. WordPatch is also the first game that his company, Heavy Brew Games, has released. The two player mode is a fun challenge which tests one’s vocabulary. Excitingly, this game has hit the App Store sooner than I expected!

Here’s how the game works:

Patch words together by dragging your finger across the screen, connecting letter tiles in sequence to spell words. The longer and more complex the word, the higher the score! Discover even more word patching possibilities by swapping letters with a double tap! The full game contains 3 game modes: Arcade, Speed Spell, and Hot Letters, each with both single and multiplayer support.

Challenge friends in a head-to-head spell-off in any of the three gameplay modes with WordPatch’s Multiplayer mode. Multiplayer splits the game board in two, pitting player against player, each with an individual set of words to patch. A score bar leans towards the player in the lead, creating an exciting and dynamic two player game, guaranteed to bring out your competitive side.


Heavy Brew Games.
WordPatch on the App Store.

Watch: A Short Animated History Of The English Language

This is a nice 10 minute long video on the evolution of the english language and provides a look into how and why it’s so messed up. I feel lucky I grew up speaking english because learning it as a second language must be painful and confusing.

via bOing.

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