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Gnome Oppressor Released On iOS

Gnome Oppressor

Gnomes are wonderful little creatures who are always up to something. In my recently released game, Gnome Oppressor, you can play as a flying gnome who just loves to fly.

This game is released under the Prototype banner of Wero Creative. The Prototype banner is how we’re going to distinguish our experimental games from our polished games. We believe that it’s better to have our games out there being played than to have them stagnate on our computers.

The best part of game design is that I’ve already found some major bugs post-release and will be submitting an update to the App Store by the end of the day.

It’s an endless flying game in which the difficulty ramps up the longer you play. You can read about the design behind the game in an earlier post: #1GAM January: Gnome Oppressor


AstroDoge: A Game Inspired By Dogecoin


AstroDoge is available on both the App Store and Google Play! You can download it for free right this very instant.

Really, it’s a frolicking adventure about saving “doges” while avoiding asteroids.

What is this?

I’ve been trying to release one game a month and have so far succeeded, and now I’m even ahead of schedule. AstroDoge came out of the blue one day when Ali (a co-conspirator at Wero Creative) said he wants to make a game about saving lost shibes in space. If that sentence didn’t make sense to you, that’s alright.

AstroDoge all started from our love of Dogecoin (read my post on it here) and surpassingly worked as a game. In the Dogecoin Reddit community we refer to each other as shibes because the doge dog is a shiba inu.

We began making AstroDoge the day I sent out this tweet; note the mockups on the computer and the paper prototype:

Under a month

In under a month we conceptualized the game and created a very small marketing plan for our admittedly ridiculous game. Heck, we even found time to create not one but two(!) trailers:

I usually do more detailed write-ups about the design and implementation of my #1GAM games and I’ll do so with this one in a future post. For now, you can go and enjoy the game!

Google Play

If you’re a rich shibe you can send us dogecoins: DBzQb5MUoJqs8oHzuXGYoJ6XMLsLuy6z3z

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