This month 50 years ago the world almost ended because of the Cuban missile crisis. The near-death experience for the entire human species was already been captured on film in the film Thirteen Days which was good for drama but was short on historical accuracy. The Armageddon Letters is centred around historical accuracy and it delivers it in a powerful way.

The website is a series of interactive and passive content that allows one to fully engage with the history of the crisis. It goes into great detail about the people and the decisions they made by providing films, books, graphic novels, podcasts, and even fictional blogs to flesh out what happened over those thirteen days. Jim Blight from the Basillie School believes that the Cuban missile crisis can teach us more than we previously thought about how close the world came to destruction because of a few men.

An iBook which accompanies the series from Brown University is also available on the App Store.

Found listening to the CBC’s Sunday Edition.